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tv   Headline News  RT  July 10, 2013 2:00pm-3:01pm EDT

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light from the r t news center at ten egyptian prosecutors issue an arrest warrant for the muslim brotherhood's leader after monday's deadly clashes while rival political factions failed to agree on a transition plan leaving the country and dead. syrian chemical weapons controversy takes a new twist as russia's foreign minister says that compelling evidence implicating the rebel forces should be made public now while also questioning u.s. efforts to put the blame on the syrian regime. with edward snowden widely expected to receive political asylum in venezuela solidarity for the fugitive whistleblowers growing across latin america r.t. speaks now to ecuador's foreign minister about what's behind this growing support.
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if you just joined us this is our two international from moscow with me kevin no first the option the prosecutor's office has ordered the arrest of the muslim brotherhood's leader mohamed badie is accused of provoking deadly clashes a rally on monday in support of the ousted president mohamed morsi and his policy has got the details. well egypt's prosecutor has issued an arrest warrant for mohammed badie the leader of the muslim brotherhood the charges are on inciting violence for the fifty five people who were killed in this bloody clashes back on monday between the pro morsy supporters and and the military in front of the republican guard headquarters building also hearing that east and nine other waistlines have been issued for high ranking members of the muslim brotherhood the question though is where is this muslim brotherhood leader if it is wide. he
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thought that he could be inside the rubber mosque now this is where hundreds of thousands of pro morsi muslim brotherhood supporters have been holding a vigil calling for morsi to be released from detention and the reinstated so the question needs to be answered as to how the police are actually going to enter this massive crowd and a wrist mohamed badie the concern however is that this is going to be publication and it will ultimately lead to more violence from both sides or will be the announcement has been made to put great anger by muslim brotherhood supporters what we have seen is both sides both being pro more cv anti morsi and also the military itself being extremely hot headed and adamant that they're going to stick to their guns and make sure that this side of this whole uprising and this whole demonstration is made the there are many here in egypt that i speak to who are concerned that the longer this violence drags out the more likely it is that we could see this country on the brink of some kind of civil war there have been talks
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throughout the day today wednesday with various political factions by the interim prime minister and he really is trying to get them on board but he's facing a lot of opposition he has put forward a five month roadmap plan and according to this that the constitution will be amended in the next fifteen days and then within four months they will be some kind of referendum here in which the public will be asked to ratify the constitution the plan then is that by early two thousand and fourteen they will be new toilet mentri elections followed by a presidential poll but both the muslim brotherhood and your various islamic groups as well as your liberal opposition have rejected this timetable the muslim brotherhood rejects the whole proceeds it says it's all you legal and until they president morsi is reinstated they can be no political progress thirty five and liberal opposition parties who belong to the national salvation front which is headed by mohamed el baradei the former head of the international atomic energy agency they also rejected it outright they say the time to. it was inaccurate today
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to say that they were not consulted on the whole process and many were articles to find it if they do not agree with the fact that you have such a lack of agreement is only going to need to more destruction on the street a middle east north africa correspondent there well again her dad is a senior advisor the muslim brotherhood hope to speak to him little bit later on in the program we spoke to him last night is interesting chat we're going to back on again the program little bit later hopefully now while political rivals in egypt resort to force and tough rhetoric the country's economic woes remain an address deadly clashes across the country of wiped out a major source of income to resume as artie's bell true explains now that reports coming. behind me is the gypsy museum one of the most popular tourist destinations in the whole of the country is the first port of call for many tourists coming off the plane here in downtown cairo however it isn't empty this is a scene that's been seen across the country in all the most popular tourist
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destinations following a week of political turmoil after the ouster of mohamed morsi egypt's tourists and history which makes up eleven percent of the country's economy has taken a massive beating since the time he defined revolution particularly as tourists are becoming increasingly scarce in the last week we've seen massive makes my demonstrations funded by clashes between rival groups on sunday fifty people were killed in clashes between security forces and supporters of the deposed president early even many today the tourists won't come to egypt in the future have been travel warnings have been to shoot by embassies including the u.s. embassy who's actually said may spend on emergency stop crime after a u.s. citizen was stopped last week in these bloody clashes made to international tour operators that are becoming can also come so better as to my oldest son september fearing that this push i will continue to do through this this is a free like chip but the work place has most kids however local tour operators and souvenir shops and you don't have international backing israel to plug the gaps be
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poor woman's. new duties to pump the buggy now list them five percent john believes even if he did that somebody close close and you feel as if the job was you know will be to see you steve thanks very much saki. so people are fearing ments as those supporters of the the previous leader mohamed morsy remain in a sit in and refuse to go home in various parts of the country that are going to see further clashes that those like shoki working in the tourist industry they feed this means tourists are going to continue to be scared from coming to egypt and actually the future of egypt's tourism is going to be even worse. and of course it's not just tourism it's a stake in egypt the political crisis is having a devastating impact on the whole economy earlier mccullagh marriage i should discuss this with that business correspondent katie pillbug. well right now egypt
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is stuck in a bit of a vicious cycle because of the risen which accounts for over a tenth of the g.d.p. of the growth of the economy is already lost two point five billion dollars as a result so terrorism is had a big dent well that sounds like a lot of money and surely a big blow to their industry so work in egypt turned down well so far at the moment there's an i.m.f. loan lays in the balance of four point eight billion dollars one that this was negotiated with with morsi at the time during his war and at the time the i.m.f. they insisted on high taxes and fuel subsidies to be phased out but that was never really concluded and while that was being negotiated cats are was subsidizing the economy but they were connected to deal with the the muslim brotherhood and now that that has disbanded the money from council is also laying in the balance as well as all these question marks as to whether going to be getting their money
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externally from now surely you sounds like a tough situation there and it also sounds like both sources are in danger of drawing up then but what about the united states in this situation where does it well this one point five billion dollars in aid actually being held up by event and that's because the u.s. law forbids loans to countries where the military is involved in an unconstitutional change of government so again money from the u.s. is a real question mark as well as many question marks and also foreign investment to we know that investors they hate instability and you've got that in abundance right now in egypt it doesn't help that egypt has been downgraded consistently by credit rating agencies so at the moment instability uncertainty isn't helping the economy also well the country does sound like it is in dire straits but although economy is revolving largely around shores and it still remains a large oil exporter it does is a large oil exported. also makes money and lots of other commodities as well so
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that was the whole thing is a mess all cottons textiles chemicals as well and right now by all getting money from other external sources today we've got gulf states providing the u.a.e. saudi arabia kuwait over all offering up money some money from eight to twelve million dollars which egypt is certainly not in a situation to turn down right now. as mentioned earlier on this hour as i was still hoping to get in contact live with had dad senior advisor to the muslim brotherhood is an interesting discussion we had with him last night while we bring you more of that tonight if we get hold of him on the line at the moment that may be coming within the next forty five minutes or so also ahead as well international reaction to russia's evidence that syrian rebels used chemical weapons this couple the stories and right after this break.
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russia says the evidence leads uncovered implicating syrian rebel forces and the use of chemical weapons is solid and can therefore be made public that relates to a deadly sarin nerve gas attack on the city of aleppo back in march speaking at a news conference here in moscow russia's foreign minister said washington's earlier claim that the syrian government was responsible was based on a flawed analysis. reports. but circle of rove really highlighted here in moscow today just after vitaly churkin made it clear that this evidence was being passed on to ban ki moon was that the investigation that took place that was conducted or at least put together by the us was very different from the investigation that we now have the results of from these russian investigators which were conducted basically at international standards where the u.s. investigation certainly according to our probe was done under very very shady
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circumstances so you which was doing your statements from drugs is the way to start seeing evidence that the assad regime used chemical weapons do not indicate a time or place will specify whether the samples were taken by the same people who carried out the tests they were passed from hand to hand and some were obtained from journalists this does not meet the standards of the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons and our investigation comply fully with these standards and unlike all cotton is we are not concealing the findings they have been submitted to the u.n. secretary and to security council members if the secretary's degrees the evidence can be made public it is conclusive and i think it will eliminates a lot of questions. as they're going to have rove went on to point out that this revelation of this investigation and the results of course has a back story and it goes back to damascus asking the u.n. really pushing the u.n. to conduct an investigation on site that never happened in according to sergei
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lavrov very frankly he says he believes it's because of pushing and demanding by western partners at the u.n. security council and this is why russia went ahead with this investigation on site on the ground i do to damascus and their claims that this was in fact that attack that took place in march in the suburbs of aleppo that it was by the armed rebels that it wasn't by the regime and they were the result of course have been washington is aware of them but so far. the only reaction we've had is that they think it's very unlikely that this evidence will prove that the rebels are behind this and that legislation to ship arms to syria began after these allegations that the assad regime was behind this chemical attack with no proof congress has not given that the green light there seems to be a lot of disagreeing on both sides of the aisle you have the white house you have very clear representatives from the white house the vice president the secretary of state trying to lobby to get that green light to get those weapons to the
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opposition in syria you have people adding me against that congress so far holding up and blocking that and then in congress you also have committees so-called war hawks one of them lead five carl levin where he openly calls for the friends of syria group to start precipitation airstrikes on the assad regime so it is but the opinions seem to be very clear either for or against military action. back to our top story the egyptian prosecutor's office has ordered the arrest of the muslim brotherhood leader mohamed buddies accused of provoking deadly clashes at that rally on monday in support of the ousted president mohamed morsi to discuss the situation further i'm very pleased to say we're joined again tonight live by dad who's a senior advisor to the muslim brotherhood very nice to see you again sir. last night was cattails we thought we'd bring about her again so thank you for being here give us your thoughts please if you would on these latest arrests today.
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well it was expected that more of these arrests will start surfacing there slapping the main political leaders that are standing up in front of the coup with frivolous charges against of the day the police force is the most criminal element in this country and colluding with the complicit judiciary it's easier in a police state to do than you can bend the law as you see fit we believe there's a political or political objective behind all of this was to dismantle protests like the one behind me and over here so they're targeting the political figures that are responsible for massing a lot of people in the primary process the cross title so let me just get this straight in your view at least there is no reason no cause for these arrests. of course not it's but they've been doing this since the beginning of the military coup and that's that's how the police state functions and that's exactly how the mubarak police that used to function before the general twenty fifth revolution the only thing we've seen here is a resurface of the old state perhaps with a few different names a few different faces on screen so now with the army assuming control where do we
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stand tonight are you any clear on what the future is for the muslim brotherhood. well there were some of those features not here that much of a concern for us at the moment at the end of the day the muslim brotherhood is part of the society what's more important now is egypt or the nation its future as a nation and whether or not you can establish a democracy one year into its newly born democracy and there's a military coup it's exactly the same cycle that happened in ninety fifty six yet the rest of the world is still as hypocrites. as it was then and the rest of the world leaders are still too shy to use the world who even though they're seeing military jointer on t.v. little prisoners inside the prison jails and parties being closed down it's a military to coup in every other way and we're still going to fight for our freedom in this country until we either are facing the military themselves and they start shooting us likely one how they did it two days ago or to leave him people conscience wakes up and they start realizing the long term repercussions of a military coup in their country ok but the army came in some would say after a heck of a lot of public dissent about the way the muslim brotherhood was going about doing
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things do not accept some responsibility for that if you accept that you were doing some things wrong at least. well any every human being does something wrong and certainly every government does a lot of things wrong but that's not an excuse for a military coup and i can see how many people are making that excuse that it's ok to have a military coup similar to what the idiocy that we've heard for some of the world leaders and other western leaders that military coups are a new form of bringing about democracy this is this is a new level of intellectual low this is not acceptable now this is the twenty first century political scenes are governed by politicians by democratic means if you want to bring down a government you go to the ballot box and you don't go brushing up to the military because you failed as a political leader or you failed as a political party at the end of the date easy to collect all the people that are angry at one thing it's very difficult when you ask them to make a choice with responsibility because then they have to man up to the policies that are they asking for you can bring down a government when you have a parliamentary election that's exactly what the president's been calling for if all these protesters on the street managed to go into
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a parliament they could have changed the constitution they could even impeach the president but to go brush up to the military to pull everyone else out of the scene is completely unacceptable and i think you would agree with me and most of the free people that enjoy democracies in the west and even in russia would agree with something like that. no less no you're out the way egypt has received significant boosts financial boost from various countries even today kuwait pledged money saudi arabia u.a.e. this totaling twelve billion dollars in aid so far for the interim government is surely giving them a boost that you didn't enjoy. certainly i think that shows a lot of how how the pick and choose game of politics is played out is that at the end of the day it's about interest and who you're putting your money with so there are certain countries in our region that don't enjoy democracies and would rather not see a democracy succeed otherwise perhaps more people in the region want democracy and that's exactly what is seen here in egypt now when a military coup happened suddenly everyone wants to help egypt and suddenly the
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money is putting in on the military government i think that says a lot about the world today in washington the world leaders are taking the world into well you did have the backing of the u.s. for a while do you think you still got it now refer to the fact that washington still very cagey about calling what's happening despite what your caller you're saying it's a coup the u.s. still is on the fence about that are you surprised. i'm not surprised that's how the u.s. has always been this still struggling to try to walk that bloody thin line that doesn't exist between principles and interest and although we've heard a lot of sorry speeches and apologetics from the u.s. aside that we've supported the dictator like mubarak for thirty years and we're not going to do it again it didn't take that much to revert on their word and they still back to the same old record the same old broken record always it's not a military coup there are certain elements of it it's not a military coup you've got to hunt down the street on t.v. running a government swearing in a nose to the ministry of defense political prisoners in jail close down of the major parties in the media channels that are anti the coup and killing a protest in the street well more do you need this the classical ingredients of any
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military coup. arguments aside either side you care about your country i'm sure i see the people behind you there we also see the opponents out in great numbers as well it's trying to be pragmatic i guess you've already the muslim brothers reject . your political roadmap but isn't it time to be pragmatic to say hey we've got to get on with this we've got to reach some sort of agreement consensus what is the consensus going to be where do you go from here. well we are ready to go through all the channels from here every consensus on the table including any presidential action including even the president moving here myself from his office but it has to be through through democratic means through people's choice which is said by the ballot box not through military might all the battle of the gun if we accept the military to take an intervention role in politics now and say let's deal with that reality then this is the second time that day in egypt's recent history less than a hundred years and it will be a process it will happen over again we went to the ballot box we went through
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election then in the minute we cancelled all of that in one swift move in one night we can go through that again we don't have to stand up to the military all we can do is call on the people and say our cause is just we're standing up to the military or saying these are believe what we say and join us in that stance or not even though you've called for people to rise up against the army to rise up against the interim government now you've said it must be a peaceful revolt but that's not really going to happen is if there is going to be bloodshed is not acceptable. it's not acceptable and we're certainly not going to carry out violence in any means was taken to a nonviolent methods but at the moment all the bloodshed is coming from the bullets being sent on our direction by the military and by the police if you want to invite someone to negotiating table you don't send them welcoming bullets that's hardly the right message is it. thank you for your time the muslim brotherhood senior adviser thank you for being on earth thank you national. ok and thank you for being
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with us as well now back to syria and another of our top stories tonight because jeremy corbyn on the line i believe now let's talk to him russia says the evidence is some cover just to remind you of this story implicating syrian rebel forces in the use of chemical weapons is solid russia says it can be made public let's talk to british labor party m.p. jeremy corbin on the line hi there mr corbin thanks be with us do you think this evidence of the syrian rebels you sarin gas could in any way impart the british stance now in syria is it going to be affected the told by what we're hearing is solid evidence. what it seems very strong evidence in the interview with the russian officials this morning describing the use of sarin gas and on the table first of all that any use of chemical or biological weapons by anybody be it the opposition or the regime in syria is simply wrong it's illegal within the nine hundred twenty five geneva convention and any decent sense of humanity secondly the
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effect in britain is considerable because the british government from a position a few weeks ago saying they want to end the european union arms embargo on syria and resume arms deliveries to syria organise jointly with the french that's now been put on so far as i can see a degree of hold and a vote tomorrow is due to be held in british parliament with acquiring the british government to bring their plans to parliament first and vote on it the foreign secretary william hague announced today that there will be no delivery without the specific and stated approval of the british parliament there is a lot of opposition to british arms supplies. both within the can ruling conservative party considerable number of liberal democrats are in coalition of the conservatives and the leadership and front bench of the parliamentary labor party is also opposed so it's very hard to see the would be parliamentary approval anyway
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people have memories of libya of the old iraq and afghanistan and there is a lot of concern about getting involved in another war so today moscow says it has evidence that the syrian rebels use sarin gas no earlier britain said of course that assad forces were behind chemical weapon attacks but why didn't britain and the us come for the same sort of hard evidence that russia has come forward with now why didn't it do that why did the clock back well interesting question and i can't speak for the british or or u.s. governments but they made these allegations about the use of chemical weapons and there are apparently stocks of chemical weapons being held in. fallen into opposition hands or may well be still in government hands or maybe both but the assertion was made that they had been used but no hard evidence came up and indeed
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it was a great deal of skepticism surrounding the evidence that was never really presented and then the russian of the sunday appears much stronger and they said very clearly they were going to put that evidence in the hands of the united nations that is going to be a good thing however proving or not proving this doesn't end the carter says there has to be a rapid resumption of talks by geneva two all parties must be involved in geneva two including iran if we're to bring about a settlement there's got to be involvement of iran as well as obviously all the different parties in syria. and what about today these new unconfirmed reports that william hague mentioned. and confirmed i must say the chemical weapons being used in a home. well he said unconfirmed reports and i think it is not boy to make speculation about unconfirmed reports i hope it is not true that anybody has used chemical weapons i hope that if anyone has evidence as apparently the
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russian officials do and they put it in the hands of the united nations then i think it's in my point we're going to get i think it's a very nice to put it that it was talking about unconfirmed reports but i guess maybe today wondering after what the hard evidence that russia has put forward do you think we'll be seeing hard evidence coming out any time soon about what what britain the u.s. has to say for their side. if they have it they've got to bring it forward if they haven't got it then they should not say there are unconfirmed reports the reports are they confirming the evidence is there or they're not and i think we should be quite clear about that and anyone who has any evidence should hand it straight over to the u.n. but i go back to the point that proving it one way or the other doesn't solve the issue of the issue must be solved politically that's where geneva two must come what jeremy called a british labor m.p. thanks so much. thank you for being with us is to say it used continues just a minute after the break.
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ten pm here in moscow u.s. intelligence leaker edward snowden is weighing up office now for political asylum from three latin american nations and speculation mounted he'll be heading to venezuela support for the whistleblower on the run is growing on the continent generally speaking exclusively to r.t. ecuador's foreign minister called in other countries to follow the example set by venezuela bolivia nicaragua already and offer refuge to victims of u.s. political persecution but a port knoppix out the highlights of that interview. as the world waits to see which country edward snowden will pick as his new home r.t. spoke exclusively with ecuador's foreign minister ricardo patino about the n.s.a. whistleblower and the fallout following his revelations now ecuador was the first
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to initiate an emergency summit among south american states after a plane carrying bolivian president evo morales was grounded in vienna last week it was grounded according to reports on suspicion that snowden was on board in route from moscow foreign minister put seno says the unprecedented violation of international law should prompt more countries to offer their assistance to snowden . after the incident with a woman around us we have no doubt that snowden is being pursued at an international level i mean the country has to offer him asylum ecuador is also considering this option but it'll be better if it's not just three countries that come forward to offer him protection but ten twenty or one hundred states ecuador's foreign minister told r.t. that he was thoroughly surprised at the scale of the u.s. surveillance system in particular that programs were created to indiscriminately spy on people in latin america and even friendly states in europe now pitino said
2:32 pm
he was also shocked that instead of being persistent in demanding immediate explanations from the u.s. about its pervasive spying some european countries allegedly work together to ground the plane of a world leader and put the life of bolivia's president in danger. it's just outrageous if it had been a european leader or the american president it would have triggered a war if any latin american country had done this then troops and fighter jets would have been sent in to rescue the leader you can't just discriminate against countries so that some nations see their international rights observed while others are ignored. the foreign minister of ecuador argues that the plane incident indicates that europe he says now functions as america's back yard a position that latin america has rejected to serve. paula not reporting there first of get full version of that exclusive interview with the ecuadorian foreign
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minister or a nazi later this hour in fact in about just under fifty minutes time while the mass surveillance system available edward snowden is understandably prompted people to look for ways of protecting the private data co-founder of the file sharing service pirate bay is one of those he's developed a private messaging application that would prevent governments from monitoring apparently who you communicate with on your mobile phone peterson joins us now live from the disclosed location in finland peter hello there nice to see a smile on your face this system must be working well and tell us exactly how it does work what have you come up with here i can only hear it like every other word you're saying but i basically what we're going to do is we want to make an application that makes people safe again and have a totally anonymous and private life again oh ok so does it work it's a nice idea but does it work i can't hear anything sorry i hope your system works better than our skype call tonight peter i think we're going to have to come back to you just
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a second alaska one more question just in case i don't know and i know you said it's a bit of a dodgy line just now does your system works. i don't think it while the system works i was doesn't will come back to middle bit later wrote the catch it was paid to them should have got a better lie right. especially planned say breaking the set host abby martin speaks to the man credited with being the first edits agent to blow the whistle on government misconduct if you want to see the full show you can it's it dot com is a quick preview for you'll see if you get that line about the pizza. the very first person to claim the title of n.s.a. whistleblower is a man you've probably heard the least about his name is russell tice and he served twenty years with the various government agencies including the n.s.a. a two thousand and five ties blew the whistle on the n.s.a. and gave an unlawful and unconstitutional surveillance of american citizens so here to tell us his story and why he thinks that snowden's leaks are just barely scratching the surface rust tice thank you so much for coming on thanks for what
2:35 pm
did you see that made you come out and blow the whistle and nationally for the first thing i saw was i'm a satellite system specialist so with the things that i was doing with satellites i sort of inadvertently the american citizens were being spied upon by or its capabilities so that was my first sort of heads up in the what was going on i mean i was just shocked because. it was not supposed to do this it was against regulation that was against the law it was against our constitution. to do that you've never seen anything like. i'm for she said about learn to preach from his undisclosed location we'll try and catch up and put out the candle bit later bring it to the next hour and bring up to date on some world news twenty two thirty five moscow time in turkey and
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anti-government protesters died in hospital it's now brought the death toll there. from the ongoing unrest there up to five. the nineteen year old student who died and spent seven weeks in a coma after being severely beaten during a rally against the prime minister a nationwide protest began back in may with a peaceful rally against the demolition of that park in istanbul the brutal police crackdown that followed sparked a wave of public anger across the country. one of mexico's most active volcano has erupted near the capital it's spear cloud of ash and vapor three kilometers high jaring several days of activity there flights in and out of the capital money expectedly have been canceled leaving hundreds of people stranded authorities say they've raised the alert level there but they're stopping short of evacuating surrounding areas for the moment we're keeping a close eye on that for you. place of launch now a criminal investigation into that deadly rail accident in canada that killed at least fifty people the train operators now pointing the finger at firefighters they
2:37 pm
say that failed to present to prevent that disaster earlier on before the big explosion there was a small on board fire that they went to put out a short while before the whole thing blew up the freight train was carrying crude oil when it hurtled off the tracks in a small town in quebec on saturday exploding into huge fireball that caused so much damage engulfing shops and buildings. the good news team twenty four seven on a web site r.t. dot com you can keep abreast of all the latest there i know you tube channel as well of course so all the best videos all the best pictures of the day uploaded there for you to comment on and see for yourself in our interview with the door in foreign minister coming up right after the break a few minutes from now. please
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this you me and those. who are. as a result of recent global scale events which in america became the focus of attention among these events or first to granted political asylum to former c.e.o. edward snowden granting asylum to the wiki leaks founder julian assange and unlawful actions towards president morales as he crossed maybe an airspace from russia back to believe you're able to discuss these and other issues we have invited ecuadorian foreign minister ricardo patino to our program mr senor thank you for joining us here on our teachers are going to thank you maria thank you for inviting me i would like to greet all the people who are listening to us all over the world listening not eavesdropping. and so your comments i mccollum i would like to start with the most recent event that you know the president of venezuela bolivia and nicaragua on offer as
2:41 pm
a solution stated that they're willing to grant political asylum to. edward snowden and the top secret information on the us has been so on three to three countries are members in america corp. so this step was perceived as a kind of collective. almost if you know what is a neighboring country altering their silence to mr snowden has been seen as a no. just. so they're. going through democratization developing in social economic and political figures latin american countries also secured their position in the international arena and now express their own opinions the nine hundred fifty four caracas convention on diplomatic asylum states that latin america is concerned about human rights issues we consider julian assange and his request for asylum last year and similarly we have considered mr snowden says we welcome other countries willingness to grant
2:42 pm
asylum to mr snowden and after what happened to president david maraniss there's no doubt that snowden is being persecuted. on a global level. and mr putin you are now you said that the ecuador in the story just have conceded snowden's asylum are you still considering it. is ecuador still considering the possibility of granting asylum to edward snowden or is it enough that countries have offered. and in my opinion the more countries who offer asylum the better naturally ecuador is still considering this possibility but it would be better is intensely twenty one hundred states offered asylum in a state of just three countries should realize what he did what he uncovered and consider granting mr snowden asylum. if i recall r.k. asking if he kowtow to less than from us you know how significant is the information about the united states espionage that mr snowden revealed for ecuador
2:43 pm
ecuador has a long story with songs when it comes to the cia and. for example if he's a former cia agent revealed to us involvement in this. did this new information coming as it applies to the ecuadorian people or it was a way to carry on inform us you know as a river. let's check with radios or our mother no means. that it was more than just a surprise but we were outraged so we knew the u.s. was doing it but now it's been unequivocal improvement it just indicates that the american intelligence agencies responsible for ensuring security have refined their tactics in the past they just planted bugs to find out what our president so they keep doing that by the way recently about three weeks ago we found a hidden microphone in our embassy in london but the technology has gone way beyond that now they know what people all over the world say and getting close to their
2:44 pm
targets to plan bugs isn't as important as that they control communications on a global level and many transnational corporations unfortunately their partners in crime which allows them to violate international laws and agreement. minister you just mentioned the recently discovered microphone in ecuador's embassy in london. it was determined that the microphone to watch the driver is going to happen. do you believe they were spying on you washington's instruction they would embrace that how do you plan to fight these outrageous violation of your conscious or them in. this situation certainly is our greatest we asked for the u.k.'s cooperation in this investigation to determine who exactly was spying and to where this information was transmitted according to our preliminary investigations we suspect that these surveillance group company was receiving the data but we need the u.k.'s technical assistance to confirm this information said also
2:45 pm
a criminal case should be started it's unacceptable to spy on a country's diplomatic mission staying in another country upon the latter's invitation we don't have such technical capacities as developed countries busy but we are convinced that in this case the u.k. will show the correct tolerance unlike in the case of a sandra and will help ecuador in its efforts to find those responsible for espionage in our embassy it's hard to tell now when the bug was planted it's much easier technically to find out who was receiving the data which we will hopefully do with the u.k.'s help and commission. i doubt bob. let's go back to the information leaked by edward snowden is a national media have reported the recent espionage case in the west in brazil what does ecuador think about that brass who did things the u.s. could use to haunt this ng the kind of espionage in ecuador as well. so how would it impact your relations with washington your. sadly the more
2:46 pm
information we get the more we offer straighted other than brazil has been ours has been reported in a number of countries including ecuador i just learned about that several minutes ago that there's evidence that the u.s. has been spying on our countries the entire world has been affected by us espionage whether it's alleged enemies or friends and neighbors of this country at a certain point someone mistakenly referred. latin america is the united states backyard so we'd like to ask the international community if they think the us has lost its so-called backyard and decided to establish it elsewhere in latin america this kind of era is coming to an end and we will never be anyone's backyard the way it was during the time of his military dictatorship this is now a proper the sovereign developing region and its people are growing stronger. our way is the way of ideology so it looks like other regions are now becoming the
2:47 pm
u.s.a.'s backyard. some countries have been subject to espionage and sovereignty violation but didn't demand a response from those who breached international conventions instead they took severe measures as in dealing with president morales when his life was jeopardized so one should be careful saying where the backyard really is right now latin america including ecuador has a higher level of sovereignty and independence. and i are to concede obama so great castro there looks talk about the recent plane grounding incident one the presidential jet of. course where it unnatural most to believe. some european countries abruptly looked at the airspace to hear it and that made. an emergency summit or a half way the summit came out with a statement that unanimously condemned an illegal action undertaken against present . when i think so have the north. and the group of seventy seven represents
2:48 pm
a large part of the international community they express their anger over the years they didn't and don't believe supported believe me and let's just what specific measures are going to be taken to leave these european countries iranian sanctions is also a great idea now. when we talk about the latin american response to the incident please bear in mind the differences that we have with us you can say all the governments think alike yes there is certain common ground however when a tough response is required go. take diverging positions but it is true that the incident caused a strong response remember that the organization of american states is meeting today and we hope it speaks no less strongly and convincingly than the countries that have already voiced their opinion on the subject that the secretary general has already given a clear and timely comment in his praiseworthy statement what we should do is make those countries accountable for their behavior and make them apologize we must make the situation clear it's not like mr merrill as was told they wouldn't allow him to
2:49 pm
leave russia although that would have been a true debacle the incident took place during the flight when he had already had the permission to cross french airspace and that's when they told him mr president you cannot enter our aspace they endangered his life because he wanted the plane to go back and request permission to fly over some other countries but they told him he couldn't do that either that's why the presidential jet had to make an emergency landing that was too much. president correia made it clear that this incident cannot be ignored how'd that happen to a european or u.s. leader flying over a latin american country they could have started a war that they would have immediately sent obama planes and troops to that country to save their president so we decided we should act accordingly what we wanted was to get these governments to apologize under shuras that they would never happen again you can't go on discriminating against countries if believing that
2:50 pm
international law result clickable to some and it's not a clickable at others you can divide countries into first class in a second class that's unacceptable this is a violation of every international agreement and every human rights just like this pervasive international lesbian are not only does wiretapping off phone calls and reading our letters go against ethics but it also blatantly infringes article twelve of the universal declaration of human rights which in trying to the right to privacy the right to be protests. to be against being spied on now the declaration certainly has different wording but i give you the general idea it's high time we started to respect all the countries in the world instead of putting some of them above the others and set up with them and you mentioned sovereignty international law in this violation. that was in the ecuadorian embassy in london ever since you did. however he hasn't been able to travel to ecuador since the british government uses to recognise this i grant him safe passage. you have met both. government
2:51 pm
officials have you been able to work out a solution or do you see a solution. that we can see. the rights of julian assange and no one is there to expect in the coming months. we need to make a few things clear first ecuador never ceases to offer alternative ways out of the problem we've even put forward a legal cause there was little need for that but it would have been enough to say that mr assange asked us for asylum and after looking into the situation we decided to comply with his request so we decided to go further we took the moral high ground viz r.v. the british government by the way when the olympic games started in london we decided to postpone our ultimate decision that so as not to upset political stability in the u.k. we exercised a lot of caution and respect towards the u.k. and it's regrettable that britain has given us no response so far. we listed every
2:52 pm
legally sound reason that allows us to grant asylum as a sovereign country and with britain insisting on arresting a sergeant extraditing him to sweden under european law we had to draft a detailed document explaining how and why the u.k. has every right to grant a san safe passage or rather why it actually has to do that. as the british acknowledge this has to do with conflicting laws on the one hand there's an international agreement that allows ecuador to grant asylum to a song. on the other hand there are european rules that allegedly bind the u.k. to extradite him to sweden but there's a certain hierarchy of laws in this hierarchy international humanitarian law is what matters most so it's more important to abide by international humanitarian law than to meticulously follow all the criminal proceedings to arrest and extradite assange. and there are of course human rights to be respected so we had to explain this hierarchy in the document i handed over to british foreign secretary william
2:53 pm
hague on june the seventeenth if i remember the date correctly this document was supposed to convince him that he's obliged to grant safe passage to mr saunders under international law but we asked him so what is the u.k. waiting for what would you like mr assange to grow old and die in our embassy would you like to see him fall ill and receive no medical help that he's already been warned that once he leaves the embassy he'll be arrested straight away even if he's seriously ill is this what you're waiting for it is that i keep asking myself how do the british and the rest of the world see this situation is that it's actually rather grave that we can see here a breach of international law or by the same people who fought in long sought to lecture us on rights and freedoms who demand legal security from a relatively less developed country is claiming they need it for investment but we want legal security in everything it's not only money that need to legal security people do want to this is the truth we want to get across to the west it's unfair
2:54 pm
to ask legal security only for money this is it what you first need to take care of is legal security for people and human rights. used to have you know experiment out considering that julian assange she hasn't managed to get to whether this last year passed out being it's possible for edward snowden it will arrive in one of the letter. that you know many of us. i think it's. possible let's not forget the numerous political events the toughest situations that the world faced take for example the last century in particular in latin america so many blood soaked dictatorships and many cases of political persecution as well the what many european countries did in these cases and what latin american countries did was to protect the persecuted peaceful places no one asked them if they had a passport reveals or all guaranteed safe passage it was obviously cases of
2:55 pm
political persecution so we took these people under our protection and be transported them to other countries i'm talking about all the countries in the world well maybe not all but most of the countries that claim to be democratic and committed to protecting human rights we took these people under our protection of the book at the last for example in many chileans argentinians in europe while as came to ecuador and ask for asylum that they left their home countries in any way they could to save their lives but most european countries also protected us that they didn't ask her security to show birth certificates or passports or visas you know these people were running from political persecution so i asked myself isn't it the same with mr snowden and then this incident with president morales is a player that he said if anyone had any doubts about mr snowden being politically persecuted it's become crystal clear now so. yeah this is a muslim which he seemed to think you would go to the foreign minister for joining
2:56 pm
us live here on earth but a companion also i in a study. which is about as i said follow but thank you very much for this opportunity to connect with so many people and want to settle and do it freely and legally as opposed to other ways some countries employ a. lot of thank you very much. which it.
2:57 pm
i would rather ask questions for people in positions of power instead of speaking on their behalf and that's why you can find my show larry king now right here on r.t. question more. player
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egyptian prosecutors issue an arrest warrant for the muslim brotherhood leader after monday's deadly clashes while rival political factions failed to agree on a transition plan leaving the country in deadlock. the syrian chemical weapons controversy takes a new twist as russia's foreign minister says that compelling evidence implicating the rebel forces should be made public but also questioning u.s. efforts to put the blame on the syrian regime. with edward snowden widely expected to receive political asylum in venezuela solidarity for the fugitive whistle blows growing across latin america speaks to ecuador's foreign minister about what's behind this support.